The History of the Oral Hygienists Association of South Africa (OHASA)

The Oral Hygienists Association of South Africa (OHASA) was established in 1978 to represent, protect and promote the interests of its members and the Oral Hygiene Profession in South Africa. The Executive Committee members were:

  • President: I V Pretorius
  • Secretary: R Taylor
  • Treasurer: I de Villiers

OHASA was registered with the South African Medical and Dental Council in April 1979. It was subsequently recognised by the International Liaison Committee on Dental Hygiene as a duly Constituted Group representing the interests of Oral Hygienists in South Africa in 1983.

With the assistance and support from OHASA a Professional Board for Oral Hygiene was established in October 1980 under the powers vested in the Minister of Health, Welfare and Pensions, Dr L A P A Munnik, by section 15(4) of the Medical, Dental and Supplementary Health Service Professions Act, 1974 (Act 56 of 1974).